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Selected Bibliography

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50 years of Railway in Malaya 1885-1933




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Annual Report F.M.S 1896

Annual Report F.M.S 1900

Annual Report F.M.S 1901

Annual Report F.M.S 1902

Annual Report F.M.S 1903

Annual Report F.M.S Selangor 1904

Annual Report F.M.S 1905

Annual Report F.M.S 1907

Annual Report F.M.S P.W.D 1915

Annual Report F.M.S P.W.D 1916

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Annual Report F.M.S Perak 1917

Annual Report Selangor

Annual Report Selangor 1899

Annual Report Selangor 1888

Annual Report Selangor 1892

Annual Report Selangor 1900

Annual Report Selangor 1908

Annual Report Selangor 1909


Annual Report Selangor PWD

Annual Report Selangor PWD 1895-1897

Annual Report Selangor PWD 1912

FMS Government Gazette

Supplement to the FMS Government Gazette March 13 1914, Federated Malay States, Report of the Malay States Volunteer Rifles for the Year 1913


RIBA Biographical Files obtained from RIBA British Architectural Library

RIBA Biographical Files of A.B Hubback

RIBA Biographical Files of A.C Norman


Selangor Government Gazette

13th September 1907

12 March 1909, Minutes No.20 (M218/72 S)


Selangor State Files

SSF 801/98, Letter from The Acting State Engineer to the Secretary to Government

SSF 1235/95, Resignation of Mr. Bidwell Chief Draughtsman P.W.D Head Office

SSF:PWD 4885/1911, Resignation of A.B Hubback from Sanitary Board

SSF 5144/96, Residence for Resident General-Invitation of Tenders for Correspondence (1896-1898)


Documents lodged at Arkib Negara Malaysia (National Archives of Malaysia)


ANM Acc. No. (Arkib Negara Malaysia Accession Number)

1957/0002519 Re Appointment of Mr. AC Norman as Assistant Superintendent and Chief Draughtsman PWD

1957/0020677, Tender for the Railway Office Kuala Lumpur

1957/0026139, Asks that the estimates and for tenders for Passenger Station KL and the Railway Offices

1957/0052160, Additions to Railway Offices (4 Jan 1895)

1957/0057616, Seeks permission for the following officers Messrs. Bellamy, Paxon & Hubback, to leave the state to visit Sungei Ujong on the 4th and 5th of August

1957/0058079, Mr. A.B Hubback to act as Architect and draw half salary of the architect and half his own, from 5.7.95

1957/0058160, Application from Mr. T.R. Hubback of Liverpool for post of Assistant Engineer Kuala Lumpur, Forwards-

1957/0058394, Munshi Allowance for Mr. A.B Hubback Chief Draftsman

1957/0059697, Leave to Mr. Hubback from 20.12.1895 to 3.1.1896, with permission to leave the State

1957/0060292, Agreement with Mr. A.B Hubback appointed Chief Draftmaster, Public Works Department Selangor. Forwards:-

1957/0061308, Application from Mr. Hubback, Chief Draughtsman for extra pay as Architect

1957/0062233, Quarters lately occupied by Mr. A.B Hubback – Reports that they are now vacant

1957/0064059, Medical certificate for Mr. A.B Hubback

1957/0064995, Securities of – Messr. Spearing Stokoe & T.R Hubback

1957/0065049, Forwards application from Mr. Hubback, Chief Draughtsman, Public Works Department extra pay for performing the duties of Architect & recommends an allowance of $25 a month

1957/0068463, Application from Mr. A.B Hubback Acting District Engineer Ulu Langat for 4 days leave with permission to leave the state 23.1.1897

1957/0069034, Allowance of $25 per mensem to Mr. A.B Hubback Chief Draftsman, for architectural work.

1957/0069404, Horse allowance to Mr. A.B Hubback for supervising the construction of Federal Buildings.

1957/0069429, Tenders for Extension to Railway Offices

1957/0069680 Application for 15 months leave from Mr. T. Groves Factory Engineer

1957/0070799, Tiffin Room for the Railway Offices-forward Advert calling for Tenders

1957/0072259, Acceptance of Mr. A.B Hubback's Signature as Factory Engineer

1957/0072292, States that the quarters on Venning Road recently occupied by Mess. Hubback and Whitley are now vacant.

1957/0072624, Application from Mr. A.B Hubback Acting Factory Engineer for leave of absence from 21st October to 25th November

1957/0074071, Allowance to Mr. Hubback, Chief Draughtsman – Recommends

1957/0075345, Asks that Mr. Hubback be called upon to substantiate or withdraw the imputations regarding petitioner

1957/0075929, Letter from A.B Hubback, agent for Mr. W. Nicholas requesting that his sub contractor may be allowed free timber cutting passes for firewood necessary for heating his furnaces.

1957/0075929, Enclose a letter from Mr. A.B Hubback, Agent for Mr. W. Nicholas

1957/0080965, Appointment of Mr. A.B Hubback Chief Draughtsman. Calls attention to error in Notification No. 361 of Gazette of 16 August 1895.

1957/0080965, Resignation of Mr. A.B Hubback

1957/0084494, Recommends issues of a license to Messrs. Nicholas and Hubback for brickmaking at Kerling.

1957/0089021, Pay of Mr. Hubback, Asst. Engineer for Selangor Govt. Railway

1957/0098547, Appointment of Mr. A.B Hubback as Architectural Assistant to be attached to the office of the Director of Public Works Department, Federated Malay State, Notification for Gazette:-

1957/0109176, Porch. Town Hall and Municipal Offices. Construction by Mr. W. Nicholas. Recommends.

1957/0110361, Guarantee bond of Mr. A.C Norman

1957/0147229, Enquiries as to when the new Lunatic Asylum at Tanjong Rambutan will be ready for occupation.

1957/0204495, Quarters for Brigadier General A.B Hubback

1957/0584952, No objection to Mr. A.B Hubback's application for one month's extension of leave, from 18th December next, being acceded to. States that there is- 

1957/0589402, Proposed Retirement from the Service of Mr. F. St. G Caulfeild Director of Public Works, F.M.S and his request that he may be allowed to count for pension purposes the value of the free quarters he occupies.

1957/0589468, Letter from Mr. A.B Hubback, Architectural Assistant, re his status in the Dept:- 

1957/0589673, Resignation of Major F. St G. Caulfeild of the post of Commandant, M.S. Volunteer Rifles. Reports the - and recommends that Capt. Hubback be appointed Commandant. 

1957/0590701, Application from Major A.B Hubback, Commandant, M.S.V. Rifles, for permission to visit Singapore to appear for the examination to qualify for the rank of a Field Officer. Recommends.

1957/0591302, Application from Major A.B Hubback, Commandant, M.S.V.R., to be attached to a Line Regiment while in England on leave in 1909, and to be allowed to attend the Autumn Maneuvers at Aldershot or Salisbury Plain. Recommends- 

1957/0591449, Leave papers of Mr. A.B Hubback, Architectural Assistant, P.W.D. Forwards 3 copies of:- 

1957/0593076, Return of the Malay States Coronation Contingent and the extension of Major Hubback's leave. Forwards papers on the subject of:- 

1957/0594483, Kowloon Canton Railway Enquires if the F.M.S. Govt would allow Mr. A.B Hubback of the P.W.D. to prepare a design and estimates for the terminal station at Kowloon of the: 

1957/0597759, Leave papers and certificate of identity of Mr. A. B Hubback, Govt. Architect, F.M.S, forward copies of

1957/0598582, Mr. A.B Hubback's acceptance of a Commission in the Territorial Force. 

1957/0598779, Increment of salary for which Major A.B Hubback is eligible from 1st January, 1915; and the issue to him of an increased allowance from that date, if he is still on military service. 

1957/0604161, Amount of pension due to Mr. A.B Hubback should he obtain an appointment in the Army after the war.

1957/0605226, Question of the grant of a pension to Brigadier General A.B. Hubback in the event of his leaving the service of the F.M.S. for permanent military employment 

1957/0605324, Lieut. Col. A.B Hubback's Military Service 

1957/0607599, Brigadier General A.B Hubback's application for fill pay leave. 

1957/0608149, Claim of Brigadier General A.B Hubback for travelling expenses incurred by him in connection with the interview of candidates for appt: as Adjustant Malay States Volunteers 

1957/0608356, Brigadier General A.B Hubback, C.M.G., D.S.O. Salary to be paid to him during his leave of absence

1957/0608528, General Hubback applies for permission to accept an acting [ ] of Kepong Malay Rubber Estates

1957/0608655, Acceptance of a Directorship in the Bukit Tambun Estates Com. Ltd by Brig. Gen A.B Hubback

1957/0608655, Acceptance of a Directorship in the Bukit Tambun Estates Com., Ltd., by Brig. Gen. A.B Hubback, C.M.G, D.S.O.




Vol 7, Index C0273, p388

418/35520, A.B Hubback:  Military Appointment

414/39409, Salary of Major A.B Hubback

466/21570, Brig. General A.B Hubback: Pension

460/44936, Brig. General A.B Hubback

466/01722 Brig. General A.B Hubback: Military Service Colonial Allowance

466/5656 Brig. General A.B Hubback: Pension

486/16714 Lt. Col. Hubback

496 Full pay while on leave

496, Appointment as adjutant, volunteers

488/50539, Brig. General A.B Hubback

488/53399 A.B Hubback: Retirement

489/64285 Directorship of Commercial Company: General Hubback

496 Appointment as Assistant Director of Rubber Co.

489/68906 Directorship of Rubber CoL Appin of Gen. Hubback

496 Retirement


Newspaper Articles


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16 March 1960, p8, Ranchangan Meluaskan Sekolah2


Building News

Building News, 31 November 1913

Our Illustrations

Kowloon-Canton Railway, British Section, Terminal Station, Kowloon



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11 December 1905, p2, Untitled

11 March 1906, p3, Kuala Lumpur Post Office. Work to be completed by Singapore Contractor

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No.5, Volume 5, 13th November 1896, pX (cricket captain)


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February 1914,

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6 February 1897, p3, Singapore vs Selangor

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30 October 1901, p2, The Wedding

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16th March 1904

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2 December 1904

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11 May 1905, p2, Notes & News

23 May 1905, p2, Notes & News

24 March 1908, The New Mosque, Laying of the Foundation Stone

24 December 1909, The New Mosque. Opening Ceremony by the Sultan

5 December 1910, Kuala Lumpur. Progress of New Station Described. THe Scheme in Detail

3 May 1915, The Law Courts. New Buildings Opened


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10th November 1910, px, News of and Old Resident. Mr. H.F. Bellamy, A.M. Inst. C.E


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25 May 1914, Untitled

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26 July 1909, p6, Social and Personal

16 December 1909, p7, The Governor’s Tour.  Visit to the Malay School at Kuala Kangsar Illuminations and Fireworks

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4 April 1911, p7, F.M.S Coronation Contingent

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17 July 1911, p6, FMS Contingent’s Grumble

14 August 1911, p6, Untitled

17 August 1911, p6, Untitled

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14 January 1913, p8, Untitled

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30 May 1913, p2, F.M.S Public Works. Progress throughout the States. Departmental Report for 1912

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24 July 1915, p12, Railways in Malaya-Their histories, progress and present position. Mr. P.A Anthony’s review

1 May 1916, Marriage

9 May 1916, p8, Brig-General A.B Hubback

17 May 1916, p10, Local and Personal

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23 November 1917, Untitled

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6 August 1884



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30 January 1942, p413, First Cities of Malaya that Fell to the Enemy

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Personal Communication

Dr. Peter Barbor, grandson of A.B Hubback

John Tiernan, President of History Society of Liverpool



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‘Inter-port Cricket Match- The Straits Team’ retrieved from a report on the KTMB Headquarters by Pusat Kajian Alam Bina Dunia Melayu (KALAM), 2001. Picture credited to Yvonne Barbor

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