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Site Proposed for the FMS Survey Office Building in 1908

In 1908, before the FMS Survey Office project at Java Street was given a go ahead, another site opposite the Sanitary Board was put into consideration. That piece of land belonged to Inche Soh a.k.a Nakhoda Yusof, a well-known local personality who owned a large number of properties in Kuala Lumpur. Outlined in pink in the map below, the land was referred to as his garden. The proposal obviously didn't materialise - the Sanitary Board's yard along Java Street was opted for instead. AB Hubback designed the FMS Survey Office in 1909 and it was completed by 1911.

The Malay Boys' & Malay Girls' School marked on the map also sat on part of Inche Soh's property. The school was relocated to Jalan Dato' Onn to become Sekolah Kebangsaan Hisamuddin Alam Shah (1963). The cooly line most probably accommodated workers of the Electrical Board at the Electrical Light Central Station.

Drawn by E. Burnside, he highlighted discrepancies between his measurements (pink line) and what was drawn in the lease (pencil boundary line).

Land opposite the Sanitary Board Offices Kuala Lumpur which has been suggested as a suitable site for the proposed Central Survey Offices. Forwards for H.E's consideration, copy of correspondence regarding___ (26 May 1908). Source: Arkib Negara Accession Number: 19570590488

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