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British Residency, Seremban (1907)

The 3rd Residency Building in the town of Seremban.

Hubback’s Official Post/Role: Federal P.W.D Assistant Architect A.B Hubback A.R.I.B.A

Construction Supervisor: P.W.D Clerk of Works, D. de Silva.

Year Designed: 1905
Demolition of existing building on site: 1905

Year Completed: 1907

Contractor: Kuala Lumpur Contractor & Civil Engineer Messrs. Dunstan A. Aeria. (Dunstan A. Aeria also carried out the new additions to the Seremban Court House and Treasury in 1906)

Occupied as the Istana Hinggap of the Yam Tuan Negeri Sembilan after 1957. Remains the official residence of the Yang diPertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan in Seremban.

Original Use: Residence for British Residen

Original Building Type: Residential

Current Name: Istana Hinggap, Seremban

Current Use: Palace

Current Building Use: Residential

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