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FMS Railways Central Office, Kuala Lumpur (1905)

The building served as a larger accommodation for the Federated Malay States Railways’ offices at the Market Street-Damansara Road junction (today Leboh Pasar Besar-Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin). It was built on the footprint the previous one-storey Railway Office building c.1895 (designed by ACA Norman). The gate fence of the Nothern Railway Marshalling Yard was built at the same time as part of the complex.


Hubback's Official Post/Role: Federal PWD Assistant Architect 

Year Designed: 1902

Construction Period: May 1904 (full swing) - 1905

Contractor: Ang Sing

Construction Cost; $ 116,122 Straits Dollars.

Architectural Style: Mughal Eclectic

Brief Architectural Description: Alternate red brick facing and white plaster band on exterior walls, with Cupolas and Chatris.

Building Occupancy History

1905 to 1917         FMS Railways Central Offices (HQ)

1917 to 1919         FMS Public Works Department

1959 to 1971         1st Headquarters of Bank Negara Malaysia

19XX to 19XX         Pusat Karangkraf

2010 to present      Muzium Tekstil Negara

Current Name: Muzium Tekstil Negara

Previous Use: Government Administration (Railway Office)

Previous Building Type: Office

Current Use: Museum

Current Builidng Use: Public Assembly

Gazeted as Malaysia's National Heritage List in 2007

Gazzetted Name: Bangunan Kerja Raya (PWD)


Alteration History: The glass annexe extension (new lobby) designed by Design Evolution Architects was completed in 2010. The Nothern Marshalling Yard's Wall was retained to remember the history of the site when the Bank Pertanian was built. Part of it was demolished in 2014 to make way for access to new adjacent hotel development. The portion in front of the Bank Pertanian remains intact.


Measured Drawings:

1. JKR 26 (Muzium Tekstil Negara), 2007 by Fakulti Alam Bina, Universiti Malaya

2. Muzium Tekstil Negara, 2014 by MASSA, Taylor's University

Coordinates: (to be updated)


Annual Report Federated Malay States 1905

Original document viewed at Arkib Negara Malaysia



The new Central Offices at Kuala Lumpur were completed and occupied, the total cost amounting to $116,122. Good progress was made on the construction of the new Central Workshop.



Malay Mail, 19 May 1905, p2

Our Federal Railway Offices are now completed. They form an imposing pole, and it is cruel of someone to mention that they suggest the idea of a chocolate cake. But then reformers were ever misunderstood.




Annual Report Federated Malay States Railways 1905


Malay Mail, 19 May 1905, p2, Untitled

Measured Drawings

JKR 26 (Muzium Tekstil Negara), 2007 by Fakulti Alam Bina, Universiti Malaya
Muzium Tekstil Negara, 2014 by MASSA, Taylor's Univesity

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