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District Office, Klang (1910)

Klang’s District Office was built after the town was made state Capital of Selangor by Sultan Alauddin Suleiman Shah. Also referred to as The White House of Klang.


Hubback's Official Post/Role: Federal P.W.D Assistant Architect ARIBA


Year Designed:1909

Year Completed:1910

Land acquired at a preliminary cost of $500.

Brief Architectural Description: A Neo Classical building following the Western Classical style, symmetrical plan.

Housed a Bank for many years

194: Used as Juntai war Headquarters by the Japanese army.

1949: Occupied by the Klang Town Board

1973-85: Used as the Police Contingent Building

1987: Used as the Legal Department

Named as Bangunan Sultan Suleiman (Sultan Suleiman Building) on 22 February 1989.


Alteration History:

2009 - Refurbished by Laurent Lim Architect and re-opened as Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal Gallery 


Original Use: Government Administration

Original Building Type: Office & Public Building

Current Name: Galeri Diraja Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah

Current Use: Museum

Current Building Use: Place of Assembly

Gazetted as Malaysia's National Heritage in 2012

Gazetted Name: Bangunan Sultan Suleiman (Galeri Diraja Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah)

District Office Klang, Block Plan
District Office Klang, Block Plan

1909 Block Plan of District Office Klang, cropped from original sheet. ANM Acc. No. 1957 0149045

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District Office Klang, Block Plan, 1909
District Office Klang, Block Plan, 1909

A Block Plan submitted by the State Engineer o Selangor to the Selangor Resident for his approval on 30 August 1909. "The arrangement as shown have been approved of by the Architectural Assistant* and the laying out o the surroundings can be net from the balance on the provision or the building". *Assistant Architect was AB Hubback Source: ANM Acc. No: 19570149045

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Klang 1928
Klang 1928

Blue arrow points to District Office of Klang. Photo Courtesy of Mariana Isa. Purchased from KILTV Universiteit Leiden (Ref. No. KLV001097122)

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District Office, Klang
District Office, Klang

ANM Acc. No. 2001/0022669

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