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Federal Lunatic Asylum, Tanjung Rambutan (1911)

The central asylum for Federated Malay States was located on a large government land in a healthy district, on a main railway line, near Ipoh. Dr. William Frederick Samuels was appointed as the first Medical Superintendent, assisted by an Assistant Surgeon, two dressers, a clerk and a store-keeper.


Hubback's Official Post/Role: Federal P.W.D Assistant Architect ARIBA

Year Designed: 1907

Official Opening: 1 November 1911 (with three male wards and one female ward)

Extensions in 1914. Construction Cost: 8 male & 3 female wards to accommodate 30 rooms each at the cost of $223,000 Straits Dollars; 5 blocks of attendants’ quarters with 9 quarters in each at the cost of  $50,000 Straits Dollars.


Original Use: Lunatic Asylum

Original Building Type: Institutional

Current Name: Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta

Current Use: Hospital

Current Building Use: Institutional

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