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Railway Station & Hotel, Ipoh (1917)

The grand gateway to Ipoh, the second city of F.M.S and one of the largest tin centres in the world. The station was built on the former site of the Ipoh Rest House.

Owner: F.M.S Railways

Hubback’s  Official Post/Role: F.M.S Government Architect A.B Hubback F.R.I.B.A

Open Line Engineer: H.C Barnard

Construction Supervisor: Acting F.M.S Government Architect W. Huxley & Architect Thomas Steele

Superintending Officer: C. Caldicott

Year Designed: 1911

Year Completed: 1917 with three platforms (completion was expected in 1914 but delayed due to shortage of materials and high costs of labour during World War 1)

Hotel's Official Opening: 1 May 1917

Commencement of railway operation at the station: 1935

Contractor: F.M.S Construction

Construction Cost:  $900,000 Straits Dollars

Architectural Style: Neo-Clasical

Brief Architectural Description: Constructed in steel and concrete. Plinth, columns, entablatures are of concrete, cast in special molds. Concrete floor finished with tiles on ground, mezzanine floors and verandah, and in parquet to the hotel bedrooms. 1st Class Hotel on the upper floor with seventeen bedrooms, each with a private verandah.

Original Use: Train Station/Hotel

Original Building Type: Terminal/Hotel

Current Name: Stesen Keretapi Ipoh 

Current Use: Terminal

Current Building Use: Public Assembly

Measured Drawing:

1. Stesen Keretapi Ipoh, 1995 by KALAM Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

2. Ipoh Railway Station, 2007 by MASSA Taylor's University


Building News, 27th February 1914

Station and Hotel at Ipoh, Perak. Federated Malay States Railways


This building is being erected to take the place of the old station that has been in existence for almost twenty years. Ipoh is the largest town in the State of Perak, and is one of the largest tin centres in the world. The building, when completed, will provide accommodation for the usual station offices, refreshment room, etc., on the ground floor. On the first floor are drawing room and reading rooms and seventeen bedrooms, each with a private verandah. Bathrooms are provided to each bedroom, and are situated in the mezzanine floor under the bedroom verandahs. Rooms for private servants are provided to each bedroom, and are also situated in the mezzanine floor. The whole building is constructed in steel and concrete, owing to the absence of any good building stone in the Federated Malays States. The plinth, columns, entablatures, etc., are of concrete cast in special moulds. The floor throughout are of concrete, and are finished with tiles on the ground and mezzanine floors and verandahs, and in parquet in the bed rooms. The architect is Mr. A.B Hubback, F.R.I.B.A., architect to the Government of the Federated Malay States.


FMS Government Gazette, 4 August 1916, p.xxiii.

Federated Malay States Railways. 
Internal Plastering of Central Dome, Ipoh Station and Hotel. 

Tenders are invited for internal plastering of Central Dome, Ipoh station and Hotel.

Plans and specification may be seen and all particulars obtained at the office of the Assistant Railway Engineer, Ipoh, any day during office hours. 
Sealed tenders, on printed forms to be obtained at the above-mentioned office, endorsed "Tender for Internal Plastering of Central Dome, Ipoh Station and Hotel," will be received at the office of the General Manager, F.M.S  Railways, Kuala Lumpur, up till noon on the 21st August, 1916. 

No free transport or free pass by rail will be allowed. 
The Government does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. 

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