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Sunlaws, Bukit Betong (1920)

The Sunlaws bungalow, located within Theodore Rathborne Hubback's 100-acre estate by the Jelai River (about 15 miles away from Kuala Lipis) was designed by A.B Hubback for his brother. This was recentl confirmed by members of his family and conveyed by Dr. Peter Barbor. The team is planning to visit the premise for further research.

Year Completed: 1920

Brief Architectural  Description: Tudor architecture with timber frames in a 4’x4’ grid. Described to have had a splendid garden with numerous flowering trees.

The HMS Camp boat used to travel between Bukit Betong to Kuala Lemoi was stored near Sunlaws.

Original Use: Private Bungalow

Original Building Type: Residential

Current Name: indeterminate

Current Use: indeterminate

Current Building Use: indeterminate

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